Medieval and Tudor Fancy Dress Costume Hire

This is just a sample selection of our Medieval and Tudor fancy dress costumes to hire available from our shops. Outfits will vary between the stores, so PLEASE PHONE YOUR NEAREST BRANCH AHEAD to check availability. Our stores also stock a wide selection of wigs, make-up and accessories to buy.
Please see our on-line hire page for more information on postal hire

  1. Mongolian Lord

    Mongolian Lord

    A marauder no less!

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  2. Richard III

    Richard III

    A great King, or with a different style of hat Medieval Lord of the Manor.

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  3. Braveheart


    No Surrender!

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  4. Robin Hood Tan/Green

    Robin Hood Tan/Green

    This is definitely more Errol Flynn than Russel Crowe, or even Mel Brookes Men in Tights!

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  5. Tudor Blackadder

    Tudor Blackadder

    Inspired by the brilliant Blackadder second series, with the anti-hero played by Rowan Atkinson.

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  6. Elizabeth I (Queenie)

    Elizabeth I (Queenie)

    Inspired by the completely over the top outfits worn by Miranda Richardson in series 2 Blackadder.

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  7. Tudor Black and Gold Lady

    Tudor Black and Gold Lady

    Inspired by many of the great historical movie dramas.

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  8. Fantasy Knight

    Fantasy Knight

    A Medieval Knight with a Twist!

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